Ice Wine and Its Shine – Do you know about it?

Ice wine is the new trend today. It is famous as dessert wines. Its existence has been with us for years and people notice it just recently. The attention given to it by people is phenomenal, thinking that it is been around for 200 years and only know it was noticed, there must be something new from Ice wine today.

Well, nothing has changed with the way ice wines are made. It is just its time for the ice wines to be on the spotlight. Different countries manufacture ice wines and these are Austria, Australia, Germany and Canada. All these countries manufacture ice wine on their own way. This frozen drink is popular in Germany.

Majority prefer it more that regular wines in bottle. Canada also is gaining a record in producing ice wine. This country has much cooler temperature, with its freezing consistency, Canada’s capability to produce more Ice Wines surpass other countries.

What is required in making ice wines is the concentrated juice extracted from grapes. The first thing to remember is the grapes have to keep frozen in frozen water. Do not wait fermentation to take place before you freeze the grapes.

To get the juice, press the grapes from the frozen water, and make sure the water is not melted when you do this since it affects the taste. Important thing to do is never allow water to accumulate on the pressed grapes since the concentrated sweet juice extracted will be affected.

The way ice wines are processed is not that easy. Other wine manufacturer uses the mechanical freezing called Cryoextraction. This technology stimulates the effect of a natural frost. In this process, grapes can be picked sooner. Canada and Germany do not call wines made in this way as ice wines.

On the other hand, there is traditional method used today. There are things to follow to be able to produce a product with success. This method requires freezing point. Canada uses 17 degree Fahrenheit while 19 degrees in Germany. Before grapes to ripe, hard freeze is needed. Grape pickers harvest when the freeze is ready. This is to avoid grapes not to rot. There are also freezing limitations

to it. If too much freeze, the grapes will not be harvested. Picking of the grapes is done during at night to prevent grapes to thaw. It can also be done early in the morning before the sun rises.

Since ice wines are done intricately compared to regular wines, the price of the two varies. Ice wines are more expensive. Mostly, people have this drink for special occasions only. Popular for its delicious and refreshing tastes, ice wines is just a matter of your own personal choice and taste.