Funny Gifts For Wine Lovers (Don’t Worry, They Will Love It)

The time is here, when you have to find an awesome gift for that special someone and this time instead of going with the boring route you have picked to be funny.

The problem is you are not funny or drunk enough yet, fear not as I am here to help you get the best funny gift for a wine lover.

Now ofcourse your humor, the drunk humor and my humor are all different.. So I have picked the best to my ability but if you come across something you are not sure of or think something else should be added then just leave it in the comments and I will get to it. For now, when picking a funny wine gift, choose something best suited for the occasion and the person from the list below.

Wine Condom/Bottle Stopper – On Amazon Here.

Get your head out of the gutter, or keep it there.. Who am I to say? But this Wine condom will really shock the person as they open it. Explain to them that it is only a bottle opener.

If you are giving it to the opposite sex, you will have to make sure that they open in front of you. So you can quickly explain to them that it is just a bottle stopper and not some move that you are trying to make. You can also include a note explaining what a horrible misunderstanding it can create at first.

Perfect wine gift to give between couples though. So if you are gifting this funny wine bottle stopper to your special someone by all means go crazy.

Bring Me Wine Socks – On Amazon Here.

You have just had a long day and you come back get on your sofa, start netflix while your significant other brings you wine. This is what it is all about. Now just wear these socks and let everybody know that tonight is wine night. You friend will love this fun wine gift.

Ofcourse they will worry about your health but that is ok. You got wine.

Hoodie Wine Carry Bag – Carry Wine With Some Fun – On Amazon Here.

If you have to insist on carrying your wine anywhere you go, this is the perfect option for you. Now you can carry your wine wherever you go but instead trying to manage the bottle, you carry it with style and enjoy the awesomeness that you are, portrayed in your wine carrying choices.

Drunk Wives Matter – Best For Husbands To Gift To Their Wives – On Amazon Here

At first glance you might think that it is a gift that a wife would buy for herself but no no. This gift is perfect for husbands to give to his wife, wine wives equal happy wives which equal happy life for both of you.

A gift for wife to enjoy, and husband to reap the benefits.

The Artistic Boa Decanter – On Amazon Here

Now decant and aerate your wine in artistic style in a way that will make you part of the elite art group. Gift this beautiful Boa decanter that adds to the beauty of home and works just as well.

This hand made crystal decanter not only does it’s job with it’s dual chambers but the snake design makes it almost an art accessory.

Combination Lock for Wine Bottles – On Amazon Here

Are you tired of your roommates stealing your wine when you are not around? Then get this combination lock that fits very easily on top of the cap and locks it down.

The entire thing mearily takes seconds but saves so much in wine and it’s pretty cheap so you can get it for all your bottles.

Wine For Cats – On Amazon Here

Is the loneliness of drinking alone making you sad? Do you ever wish your cat could join you for a drink? Well now it can!

This non alcoholic, safe for cats drink is designed to look like a wine bottle so you and your cat can both have drinks comfortably and safely and not feel alone anymore.

Wine Purse – On Amazon Here

Are you tired of carrying bottles around for that quick drink on a stressful afternoon? Well now you don’t have to. PortoVino Wine Purse comes with a secret pouch inside your purse that you can fill with wine and carry it anywhere you like without having to worry about bottles or being called an alcoholic.

Plus PortoVino isn’t just some fancy purse that only carries wine, no no. You can also carry your regular purse stuff in it.

Wine Holder Party Plates – On Amazon Here

I am sure you understand the need for this, you are trying to enjoy your cheese but have nowhere to keep your wine glass. Well now you do, you can just use this 2 in 1 plate that makes it easy to carry your glass and eat cheese easily at the same time.

Magic Chain wine holder – On Amazon Here

Freak your tipsy guests out by showing them this gravity defying chain holder. Your guests will be impressed to say the least.

Tipsy Wine Glass – On Amazon Here

Do you want your guests to feel tipsy before they even open the bottle? Then get these glasses out and get the party started. These glasses will get the conversation and have your drink less, more wine for you.

Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses – On Amazon Here

Don’t just drink any unholy amount of wine whenever you feel like, measure it to the point and drink just the right amount suggested by scientiscts. Although no scientiscsts were involved in making of these Periodic Tableware Laboratory Beaker Wine Glasses.

Fun Wine Stoppers – On Amazon Here

I have never understood why we still use boring old brown stoppers when with technology we can build something fun and awesome!

These wine stoppers give a new life to your wine while simultaneously stopping and preserving them. They can in variety of texts and different colors and can be enjoyed by everyone. Perfect gift to give someone you might not know much about.

Light Led Wine Bottles – On Amazon Here

Now bring awesomeness of wine combine it with Led lights and you get a perfect room decoration lamp. It lights up the room and brings the persona of a wine drinker to everybody else.

Lights work well and it comes as a starter kit where you can also mess around and try different designs.