Everything About Illinois Wine

Illinois produces a wonderful selection of wine. There are many locations that offer Illinois wine including local Illinois retailers, retailers throughout the United States and on-line Internet websites. With a little footwork, enjoying a glass of Illinois wine is easy and affordable.

Van Jakob Vineyard Chambourcin Red is a wonderful medium bodied sweet red wine. You will be able to taste a small hint of acidity. It’s a great wine to enjoy with crackers and cheese, especially Gouda cheese. With a slight aroma of oak and musty, this red wine is quality for a bottle that starts at $9.95.

illinnois-wineLynfred Winery Fume Blanc is a more pricey wine. To purchase a bottle, one will spend a minimum of $17.50 a bottle but it’s worth the price. This wine has a fruity flavor with a slight pineapple flavor. The creaminess and clarity of Fune Blanc has a wonderful balance. I enjoy this wine both warm and cold.

Illinois Cellars Norton 2008 may be purchased starting at $7.00 a bottle. If you like a dry yet syrupy wine, this wine is for you. The wine itself has a very sweet concordy aroma and once in the mouth, there is a sweetness that will surprise you because of it being a dry wine. It’s heavy on the oak with molasses and caramel yet bursts with flavor.

Henry’s Drive Pillar Box Red may be purchased starting at $9.95. When opening the wine, a spicy fruity aroma fills the air. The taste is on the oaky side yet slightly sour. One on the palette, you will notice a very velvety feel which makes this wine an excellent sipping liquor. I highly recommend complimenting a steak dinner with Henry’s Drive Pillar Box Red.

San Leoniono Chianti Classico has a dynamic ruby red color. The color hints towards the aroma of red fruit once the bottle has been opened. The balance is perfect with the acidity complimenting the tannins. This wine is a classic with a long finish. Prices start at $12.98 per bottle.

White Owl Winery Persimmon is what you would call a smooth wine. It is very sweet and syrupy. Within my family we use it as a desert wine so it’s one that I would recommend taste testing before buying your first bottle. Not everyone likes this type of wine. It is similar to mead with a very deep amber color. In the right light, it may be said that it leans towards orange. The aroma is very sweet and to some may smell like decaying fruit. It is definitely a sipping wine. Prices start at $17.95 per bottle.

Illinois wines fit many occasions. They are produced in the finest facilities with much care and thought. If you ever get to Illinois, take the time to visit any of their wineries. They have excellent tasting rooms. Try several of their Illinois wines and bring home one of your favorites.