Everything You Needed To Know About Different Types of Wines!

Below you will find an outline of the types of wine available to all of us together with a brief description. I hope you enjoy reading the article and i welcome your comments.


red_wine_glassCabernet Sauvignon-

One of the most popular varieties and the grape is found particularly in Australia, California and Italy. If produced well it will provide you with a rich, well bodied fruity flavor. Good for all types of meats.


Another favorite. With a Merlot you should find a medium bodied wine with a juicy plum flavor with blackcurrant flavors and a sweet aroma.

Pinot Noir-

You will usually find this type wine has a lighter color than the previous two entries. It has a reputation of being particularly smooth, delicate and light.


The traditional type of Syrah will be of a deep red color and smooth. However, its distinctive nature stems from the spices that are often added which creates a really interesting flavor and of course the spices also create a lovely aroma.


white-wineChenin Blanc-

An excellent all rounder. This type of grape can produce dry, sweet, or medium. Most produce a lovely apply flavor and high in acidity which means this is a wine that can be kept for a considerable period of time.


This type of wine is usually lighter and more delicate than the other white wines. Very popular and it is often said is the best accompaniment to Chicken.


This wine originated in Germany and has a powerful apple like aroma. You will find sweet, dry and medium flavors, but if you are trying Thai and Chinese food, then Riesling is the way forward.


The so called “Spanish wine” and the wine is usually a yellow/amber color. It will often be medium bodied with a fruity flavor with a velvet touch.