Getting The Best Wine Aerator For You! (2018!)

Today I want to talk about a wine topic that is often ignored in community but if you want to take your wine enjoyment to a whole new connoisseur level then you need to know about wine aerators.

I am talking about wine aerators, small little gadgets that breathe your bottle for maximum flavor.

A topic that gets forgotten about almost always. I can’t believe so many red lovers who don’t know about wine aerator and how they can truly help them experience the true taste.

Let’s discuss this topic to help you select the wine aerator and take your experience to a whole new level with aerators.

Now remember it is not quite too late to get started and I will show you how to get started in a minute but make sure to know that you are ready to experience wine in a true 21st century manner with these nifty little gadgets called wine aerators of 2018.

Wine Aerators That You Need!

Aerators basically help wine breathe and get the oxygen mixed with tannin. To do so you basically let the wine breathe out in the open while serving. Initially it was boring and risky because too much breathing was bad and could ruin your wine but then came awesome gadgets to help you breathe it quickly and fast.

These gadgets are called wine aerators and they are not exactly gadgets but more like an extensions that plug into bottle and while you serve your guests or yourself they breathe.

You can get a wine aerator for pretty cheap and they can truly enhance your experience and the quality of red multiple folds.

Wine Aerators are mostly used for old bottles that haven’t been opened in quite a while and by a while I mean years.

Make sure to get one for yourself and try it out, it truly changes the experience.

My Number 1 Pick

Sure it is bit on a pricey end but that one click aeration is just so convenient!

If you are looking for perfection within seconds and convenience then Aervana is the right pick for you too.

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My Number 2 Pick

If you don’t want to splurge for Aervana then the Metrokane Rabbit Swish will also do the right trick!

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Best Wine Aerators Reviews (2018):-

Vintorio Pourer Wine Aerator – Review:-

Whether or not you’re looking to make your expensive bottles last longer or if you’re just looking to improve upon the taste of a cheaper bottle, you need to own an wine aerator to do so.

This wine aerator has many benefits, so many in fact that we’re going to have to leave a few out or we’ll be writing this review all day.

So let’s dive right in!

We can’t tell you how many times we have been pouring our red and not only on our first glass but also on our second, third, and fourth glass did we spill the wine on our beautiful table cloth or splash it up onto our white shirt.

This has most likely happened to you and the rest of the wine drinking/tasting community.

Why are we mentioning this? This wine aerator comes with a tapered rubber stopper and is also ribbed to create a leak and spill free catalyst for wine bottles. Yes, this means that all sizes of wine bottles fit into this rubber stopper. The pouring spout is also acrylic and is slightly tilted for an easy pouring method. You can disassemble the wine aerator and clean it with ease.

This wine aerator is state of the art, comes with a complete, fully functional aeration chamber, and an air intake system that fuses your red with the perfect amount of oxygen to help establish the best tasting wine possible.

Not only can you make your wine last longer, but you can also make it taste like it’s a few hundred dollars richer. The construct of this wine aerator is built upon an FDA approved standard and is going to add a high level of quality and elegance to your wine.


  • Strong rubber stopper to prevent splashing.
  • Increase value of cheaper wine by improving quality.
  • Acrylic spout for spill free wine pouring.
  • Disassembles for easy cleaning.
  • FDA approved design.
  • Aeration chamber.
  • Air intake system for perfect tasting wine.

Now the thing with most wine aerator products that you can purchase are not covered by the company in the event of the aerator failing in some way. However, Vintorio Wine Aerator offers a lifetime guarantee warranty.

That means that at any time if something goes wrong with your wine aerator, then you can simply send it back for either a full refund or issued a replacement aerator.

The aerator dimensions are 5.9 x 1.1 x 1.1 and the aerator weighs only a mere 1.3lbs, which is extremely lightweight for an wine aerator.


This wine aerator injects air bubbles directly into your wine thus increasing the flavor and elaborating the texture. The leak-free capability of the Wine Aerator Pourer is without a doubt one of the best features a wine pourer can have. We can’t express the amount of money we’ve lost because we had to buy new shirts due to wine spillage.

As mentioned above, there is a lifetime warranty, and having a wine aerator that is forever covered is the perfect amount of security & confidence in a aerator.

Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator Review:-

wine aeratorLet’s face it, your wine needs to breathe, and we need to have better tasting wine. We have all been in that situation where a greatly advertised wine in the alcohol menu of a restaurant actually tasted like it was made at our local grocery store and left our for a few hours.

Aren’t you looking for more out of your wine? Stay tuned for a detailed review on a wine aerator that will get the flavor in your wine flowing!

The first thing we’re going to mention here is how incredibly compact the Vinturi Wine Aerator is. It stands at a mere 6 inches and is only 2 inches wide. This wine aerator is also a sheer seven ounces in weight. That means that it is less than your average bottle of wine.

This wine aerator is so light and small, however effective, that it is perfectly safe to put in with a load of your dishes right into your dishwasher. Enhancing the finish of your bottle couldn’t be easier because this wine aerator mixes the perfect amount of air within your wine.

Have you ever been aerating your wine and the flimsy aerators just falls right apart as your doing it and you either have broken the bottle or spilled wine all over yourself due to cheaper aerators.

Vinturi prides itself in its patented, world renowned design. The aeration process with this wine aerator is instant, so while you’re pouring a glass, your wine is getting new life breathed into it, and becomes a much stronger, tasteful wine. The wine aerator is made of acrylic and prides itself on a drip free design.


  • Incredibly lightweight at only 7 ounces.
  • Very small, is only 6 inches tall and 2 inches wide.
  • Can be put into your dishwasher.
  • Made from acrylic & has a drip-free stand.
  • Instant aeration for improved taste.
  • Elegant design.

There are two folded lines that extend upward near the aeration holes and they are part of the design. During the development process, the quality material folds around the rods and then wraps back around. This is what causes the folded lines near the aeration holes.

It has already been stated that you can wash this aerator, but the emphasis that is lacking is that most aerators require you to hand wash the wine aerator rather than have it automatically washed for you.

The aerator is 4 x 4 x 6 and weighs only 7 ounces.


Let’s first touch on the height and weight, they are quite small. Unlike other heavy aerators. Given the petite nature of this wine aerator, it can be safely stored in your dishwasher for cleaning. The stand is made of acrylic and is drip free, which means no more spills.

We cannot emphasize just how important that concept can be. Among everything else is the normal manufactures warranty that converts workmanship and defective parts. This is just for formality as the patented design has no faults.

Aervana – One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator Review:-

Have you been at your sink and just thought “I wish that I could just push down on my faucet and out would come the tastiest, most expensive win that I know of”.

Aervana wine aerator makes that day (and probably night, too) dream come alive with its push-to-drink luxury wine aerator. Let’s jump right into the good stuff.

This wine aerator is equipped with an above-standard push to drink button. What that means if that after you have set up the aerator and bought a bottle, all you have to do is position it properly with your glass of win and presto, a fine tasting, aroma filled glass of red.

The oxidation process is sped up with this wine aerator thus making it superior to the majority of other aeration products due to the fact that it provides more air contact to the surface.

If you have ever been in the situation where you have been fiddling with a wine aerator, attempting to get it to work as advertised, and ended up breaking a bottle or spilling it on yourself, well fiddle no more. This wine aerator has the convenience of being only 1.5lbs and so light and small that you can easily get control of it and your wine bottle to ensure a smooth transition of tasty wine from the bottle to your glass. This wine aerator is designed to keep your wine stationary and stable in the bottom of the bottle and not stuck at the bottom of your glass.


  • Button for dispensing for convenience.
  • Speedy oxidation process.
  • Very light and small.
  • Multiple tubes, easy to ready user manual.
  • Spill free.
  • The batteries are included.

Cleaning a aerator has never been easier. To clean the One-touch Luxury Wine Aerator, simple take a wine glass (or any glass of your choosing), dispense the water through your aerator the exact same way that you would do as if you were aerating your wine.

Afterwards, take a washcloth, and wipe down the shaft, inside of the aerator, and the outside. Presto! You are now ready to use your aerators again. This wine aerator are dimensions are 11.5 x 5.8 x 2.6 inches and it’s a mere 1.5lbs.


Firstly, we would like to emphasize the benefits of being able to dispense your wine at lightning speed. It’s quite convenient being able to flush your bottle through an aerator and improve the quality overall. It is battery powered, which means no trying to stretch the cord over to the table to help filter your wine. Along with the other benefits, these aerators are quite small, and very easy to use.

The user manual is very easy to read and explains everything quite well. Now, go enjoy your fresh, aroma filled wine!

Soirée Red Wine Aerator Decanter Review:-

Are you like the rest of us who just consider a wineaerator that needs to take up counter space just as much of a burden as that confounded toaster?

Well, fret no more as we are here to review a aerator that needs no introduction as the Wall Street Journal has been recommending it for years.

Discover an entirely new level of flavor and aroma with the Soiree Red Wine Aerator Decanter. Just slap this baby on the end of your bottle and start pouring to enjoy the sensational blast of flavor that will come from your bottle.

With this wine aerator you can make even the cheapest bottle of wine go the distance because let’s face it, none of us want to waste a fine tasting red. Some of us enjoy the fermented taste of wine and would love to increase that while improving the hefty aroma that comes with it.

Inexpensive bottles can sure be a burden as you have to drink 2 or 3 bottles to get the same effect as an expensive one, however, not with this aerator. It is as though it transforms a bottle of Cherry Blossom into a bottle of Chateau Lafite. Yes, it’s that much of a difference.

Nothing speaks more volumes about a aerator than when a connoisseur of the type of product sings it’s praises. There is no larger stamp of approval than that and this wine aerator has it with the constant raving reviews from the senior wine columnist in the Wall Street Journal. This wine aerator has also been endorsed by the Zagat as well.


  • Clasps onto the end of a bottle, is hands free.
  • Instant wine aeration.
  • Has raving reviews, even by the Wall Street Journal.
  • Incredibly light weight, only 6.4 ounces.
  • 5 ring basket that fits any wine bottle.
  • Comes with drying rack and aeration stand.
  • Comes with a manufacturer warranty.

Yes, you read that correctly. SoireeHome is so confident in the quality of their wine aerator, they are offering a manufacturers warranty. This is a no questions asked kind of warranty and what that means is that if you are unsatisfied with this wine aerator, simply return it and get a full refund. Remember, that’s no questions asked. There are not many warranties that can really speak for their aerators quality in such a fashion, so take heed of this feature, not many aerators offer it.


The convenience of not having to clog up your counter space with another kitchen appliance is not only brilliant but also keeps our kitchen clean.

The instant wine aeration that comes from this aerator is legendary. It clasps right on to the end of your bottle and begins the process almost instantaneously. The 5 ring basket will ensure that no matter your bottle size, your wine can still be aerated. Also accompanying this great aerators is a drying rack and an aeration stand.

Along with the wine aerator, stands, and amazing reviews by previous customers comes the manufacturers warranty that guarantees happiness or your money back.

Metrokane Rabbit Swish 6150 Wine Aerator Review:-

What if you could enjoy a high priced bottle for the price of a budgeted bottle of wine? That’s the dream, right? Dream no more, because our dreams have become a reality with the Metrokane Rabbit Swish Wine Aerator.

Let’s dive right into the perfection.

We’ve all seen those large, overbearing wine aerators that take up the last foot of remaining counter space that we have, and end up breaking because it is knocked onto the floor. This wine aerator is cupped right onto the top of your glass. The aerator just sits on the top of your glass while you casually pour wine into it and the aerator then does what it does best and instantly aerates your wine increasing the taste & texture.

There is an attachment that comes with the aerator that is made of a fine mesh that allows you to catch and remove clutter & sediment. This wine aerator is the exact replication of the formal decanting process.

This aerator mixes the perfect amount of air with your wine in the perfect amount of time so that you are not left standing in your kitchen without it. With this process, you can quickly and effectively enhance the quality, taste, and finish of your red.

The majority of wine aerators require you to use two hands, awkwardly position yourself above your aerator during the aeration process, however, this wine aerator just sits on the top of your glass as you pour the red through into your glass.


  • Sits atop your glass and doesn’t take up space in an unneeded fashion.
  • Instantly filters your wine and improves the taste.
  • Fine mesh included to help filter out sediment.
  • Mixes perfect combination of air with your wine.
  • Identical to the formal decanting process.

Wine is a fickle liquid and it’s not the easiest thing to aerate. With that being said, not every aerator lives up to the expectations that are advertised. If you do not feel completely satisfied with the Metrokane Rabbit Swish Wine Aerator, simply return it for a refund. The aerators dimensions are 4.8 x 3.7 x 4.8 inches and it weighs a sheer 7.2 ounces. That is very light weight considering the value of this wine aerator.


Noting the many benefits that this wine aerator provides, the most prominent is most definitely it’s overall capability to sit on the ring of your glass and improve the quality of your wine. The taste, the finish, the aromas, ah it’s all so wonderful. Coupled with the improved filtering, taste, and aroma is the fine mesh that prevents your wine from getting any sediments into it. This improves the purity and overall texture of your wine. Overall, we would rate this aerator a 9 out of 10 due to the fact that you do not have to make any extra space for this wine aerator and you can pull it out just as fast as you can put it away.