Everything You Needed To Know About Different Types of Wines!

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Below you will find an outline of the types of wine available to all of us together with a brief description. I hope you enjoy reading the article and i welcome your comments. Red Cabernet Sauvignon- One of the most popular varieties and the grape is found particularly in Australia, California and Italy. If produced […]

Everything About Illinois Wine

Illinois produces a wonderful selection of wine. There are many locations that offer Illinois wine including local Illinois retailers, retailers throughout the United States and on-line Internet websites. With a little footwork, enjoying a glass of Illinois wine is easy and affordable. Van Jakob Vineyard Chambourcin Red is a wonderful medium bodied sweet red wine. […]

Chocolates and Wine – Yes it is amazing!

A Delectable Wine Combination Chocolates and wine. I melt just thinking about that delectable combination. Sitting quietly, taking tiny morsels of chocolate into my mouth, savoring the rich, velvety texture, then complimenting that with a sip of sweet, smooth wine – I can think of few things more indulging and self-satisfying. Pamper yourself. Pick out […]